Tashi Norbu in the RV-Art collection

Yesterday a great addition to the RV-Art collection was made. The piece is called “Free from Ignorance, Enligtened mind”

Free from ignorance, Enligtened mind, Mixed media, 240x120

Mixed media, 240×120 (Click for big)

Tashi Norbu,1974, is a Tibetan born in Bhutan. After high school he graduated as a traditional Tibetan Thangka painter in Dharamsala, India (The Library of Tibetan Works and Archives – LTWA, Dharamsala, year 1999). In 2000 he moved to Belgium where he studied Visual Arts at Saint Lucas Art Academy.

In his person and art two worlds collide and melt down to something completely new. The Tibetan tradition meets western culture in a way that is interesting for a Buddhist as well as it is for an art lover. Being both it was inevitable that this work was added to the collection.

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