Rob Vermeulen, about wine

A friend asked me to make him a painting about some of the greatest wines in his cellar. The longer I thought about it the more I liked the idea. I love wine and the urge to paint something big again was there. One night we met to talk about it. My idea was to tell a pictural story about the chosen wines. I made some sketches. He thought it could be nice so I started working on it.

After a few weeks I came to the conclusion the chosen approach was resulting into a boring painting. Time for something completely different. I put on some rough pagan folk music (Omnia, Varrtina, Barbarian Pipe band etc,) Took some big brushes an threw a Bacchus on the canvas. It took me two days to finish it.

2011, Bacchus, 120x120cm, Acrylic on canvas

I promised to paint the wine bottles as well so after a phonecall to check if my friend agreed on getting a bigger painting (he did) I made six small paintings. Three on each side of the Bacchus.

2011, Contador 2003, 20x40cm, Acrylic on canvas

2011, Gaja 2005, 20x40cm, Acrylic on canvas

2011, Masseto 2005, 20x40cm, Acrylic on canvas

2011, Pingus 2004, 20x40cm, Acrylic on canvas

2011, Quintarelli Classico Riserva 1995, 20x40cm, Acrylic on canvas

2012, Vega Sicilia 1995, 20x40cm, Acrylic on canvas

Yesterday we went over to present the finished work. Quite an exiting moment because I kept my friend in the dark about in which direction the painting developed. Luckily he and his wife loved the result. When it’s framed and hanging I will add a picture to this post to show the combination of the seven paintings.

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