Rob de Graaf in the RV-Art collection

In addition to my last post about Rob de Graaf I think it’s nice to share some pictures with you of other pieces in our collection. Let’s get started with two pieces I aquired at his final exam exhibition in the year 2000 at the Royal Academy of The Hague.

Rob de Graaf, 2000, Mixed media on paper

Rob de Graaf, 2000, Mixed media on paper

The next piece is an etching he made on Nepalese paper he found and used during a visit to Nepal in 2001.

Rob de Graaf, 2001, Etching printed on nepalese paper, 16x16cm

Last but not least I recently got the next piece as a present by Rob. I think it’s great!

Rob de Graaf, 2008, Household paint on canvas, 20x20cm

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