Rob Vermeulen, Illustrating for Moody Doodle

A few months ago I met Marlous Wessels. She started a publishing agency called Moody Doodle and published a childrens book called Monster en Meisje (Monster and Girl). In this book she introduced a character called Mister Bee who tells Girl about how Bees are not doing very well these days.

As you might know bees suffer from a phenomenon called Colony Collapse Disorder. Worker bees disappear and the colony dies. This causes a large decrease of the amount of honybee colonies worldwide and has a negative effect on the fertilisation of plants. In some countries 50% of the colonies disappear every year. New colonies will be formed during the season. Still this eventually will have an effect on how much food people can harvest.

We spoke about her idea to use this as a theme for a second book. The idea is to raise childrens enthousiasm for bees and awaken their consiousness about (the fun of) beekeeping.

I will make some illustrations for the project and started with a little sketch on canvas.

2011, Rob Vermeulen, Apis Mellifera, Mixed media on canvasBesides the hony bee (Apis Mellifera) and a detailed sketch of it’s head there is the head of a solitary bee as well.

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