Rob de Graaf, In Search of the Miraculous

An artist I admire and whose work I collect is Rob de Graaf. He has published a book entitled “In Search of the Miraculous” which describes the past 10 years of artistic research on order and chaos, rythm and structure.

The book can be ordered on his website

The RV-Art collection contains 5 pieces of his work. To get an idea check the painting below (click for big).

Rob de Graaf, 2000, Mixed media on canvas, 120x120cm

Rob used household paint, spray paint and hair. His own hair so I got a piece of the artist in more than one way..;-) . The paint used for the red dots was burned and boiled with a paintburner when wet. This creates chaos in the order of the dots itself. I own this painting for about 10 years now and it’s still very attractive, alive and interesting to me. In my perception the interaction between order and chaos keeps on developing.

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